From Blueberries to Blue Skies: An Introduction to Hand Dyeing with Organic Indigo


Price: $50

Experience Hosted by Vanessa Lamarche

1-2 hours • Hosted in English / French

An Introduction to Hand Dyeing with Organic Indigo - Blueberries to Blue Skies

What We’ll Do

Together, we will hand dye an organic cotton bandana.

You will learn basic Shibori techniques. Shibori is the technique used to create pattern on the cloth. There are many Shibori techniques, but the most familiar is known as Tie-Dye. Three techniques will be demonstrated on finished bandanas and you get to chose the technique that sparks your interest. There are many variations within the three techniques, follow the instructions or follow your heart and express your own creativity.

We will start with the preparation of the bandanas and then we will meet the star of our Experience, our indigo vats. We will be using a fructose organic indigo vat. I will demonstrate the process of building a vat in a mini vat that we will build together.

We will share 2 communal organic indigo vats, and be up close when the magic starts to happen: …when cloth is removed from the organic indigo vat, it is green. The color transforms from green to blue through contact with the air. This is one of my favourite moments!

While we wait for our color to appear, I will share a few facts about organic indigo. For example: Think about your favourite pair of jeans… Have you ever wondered why we use the words denim or blue jeans?

While our bandanas are resting after their indigo dips, we will observe the transformation in our mini-Fructose vat and various uses for the bandanas will be demonstrated.

Then, my next favourite moment… we open our work!! Even though we use a similar technique, each piece will be unique. This is part of what I love about organic indigo, it’s always a surprise, to me, it feels like I’m opening a gift.

You will leave with your own unique piece of wearable art and a feeling of connection through the shared experience of transforming cloth with organic Indigo.

Experience Setting

Our experience will take place in the artist studio at the Timmins Museum.

What to Bring

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, apron or work shirt.

Organic Indigo is a friendly dye, it should not stain, but may rub off on your clothing. Please wear something comfortable, that you are not worried about accidental exposures to indigo drips or splashes.

What’s Included

All creative supplies will be provided and a light blueberry themed snack will be served.

Environmental Features

Accessible bathroom, Disabled parking spot, Mainly flat or levelled ground, Wide entrances

Additional Requirements

This Experience may be of interest to creatives, to anyone looking to explore a creative self-care activity, for families wanting to do an activity together or for anyone wanting to try something new.

Other Details


1-2 hours


Age 12+

Skill Level


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Meet your host, Vanessa Lamarche

Hello, my name is Vanessa Lamarche, and I am the owner of a small home-based business called Boreal Blues. I was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, a small northern town surrounded by the Boreal Forest. When I was little, some of my favourite activities were going to the cottage and eating fresh blueberries. I'm a romantic at heart and all about long hugs, good company, vintage things and sunsets. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, my mother suggested that I explore Maiwa School of Textile. And there, I discovered a natural dye called Indigo and instantly fell in love. I'm drawn to Indigo's history and warm color, and that it promotes mindfulness through 'Slow Art'. I love to learn, and I also love to teach! My passion is creating with organic Indigo, and I'm excited to share my experience with you.