Land Acknowledgement & Indigenous Advisory Council

Land Acknowledgement

101 Experiences recognizes that its work, and the work of its community partners take place on traditional Indigenous territories across the province. We acknowledge that there are 46 treaties and other agreements that cover the territory now called Ontario. We are thankful to be able to work and live in these territories. We are thankful to the First Nations, Metis and Inuit people who have cared for these territories since time immemorial and who continue to contribute to the strength of Ontario and to all communities across the province. 101 Experiences is honoured to collaborate with Indigenous clients, stakeholders and communities throughout Northeastern Ontario.

101 Experiences would also like to acknowledge that its catchment area is located in Northeastern Ontario along the highway 11 corridor, and on the traditional territory of many nations including the Algonquin, the Anishnabeg, the Cree, the Moose Cree, and the Oji-Cree peoples and is now the home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. We also acknowledge that our catchment area is covered by Treaty 9, Treaty 61 and Treaty 60.

Acknowledging traditional Indigenous territories is one way to recognize contemporary and historical Indigenous presence and land rights. It is a small step towards dismantling the continued impacts of colonialism and undoing Indigenous erasure in our everyday lives.

101 Experiences has created an Indigenous Advisory Council consisting of Indigenous community members, leaders, experience providers and stakeholders to ensure that the vision and execution of all 101 Experiences elements align with the best interests of our Indigenous communities. 101 Experiences also works with Indigenous Tourism Ontario to ensure we align well with the expectations and guidelines for Indigenous Tourism. 101 Experiences and it’s Indigenous Advisory Council strive to be well-intentioned  in all aspects of the program, and are constantly working to relearn and adapt our practices as new expectations, guidelines, recommendations and suggestions are brought to our attention. If you are interested in joining the Indigenous Advisory Council or bringing forward suggestions, please send us an email through our contact us page.

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