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In the footsteps of

Jocelyne Saucier, Writer

Jocelyne Saucier


For a long time, I wandered around northern Ontario. I traveled by train, by car, for a while, I rented a room from people, I roamed around libraries, museums, cemeteries, I came and went without really knowing what was waiting for me. I was chasing a nebula, a novel that I might write one day, maybe never, how do I know? The novel is a mysterious affair for me who nevertheless writes it.

This resulted in not one but three novels.

I was fascinated by this part of the country with its turbulent history, the turmoil of which can still be felt among the people who live there. Northern Ontario has been the bearer of all hopes, it has attracted people from everywhere, it has been the crucible of a new and fiercely free life.

Now it’s up to you to experience this same fascination by following this route which will make you discover a new, little-known country, built on the song of freedom.

Carte de l'Ontario - Jocelyne Saucier

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In the Footsteps of Jocelyne Saucier
Christine Viens - And the Birds Rained Down

Christine Viens


A series of canvases both dark and luminous where the communication between the literary work and the pictorial work inspired by the novel “And the Birds Rained Down “, by Jocelyne Saucier perfectly translates the dramatic intensity of the novel.

Originally from Amos, in Abitibi, Christine Viens met Jocelyne Saucier on the benches of high school. Therefore, it was not the first time she was introduced to her when she read her friend’s novel “And the Birds Rained Down”. Her challenge, to paint a series of pictorial works based on the descriptions provided by the novelist. It is through her eyes that Christine Viens visually and brilliantly explores the work of the painter Boychuck.

Left: And the Birds Rained Down – 2014, acrylic on canvas, 122x122cm

Land Acknowledgement

The project team respectfully recognizes that the land this Journey is taking place on is part of the traditional territories of the Anishinabe, Ojibwe, Algonquin and Cree First Nations, as well as Metis People. We thank them for caring for it and protecting it for years which allows us to discover it these days through our Journey.

Learn about the territory you are visiting, find information for a

land acknowledgement, and learn about the treaties and agreements signed across Canada by visiting Whose Land – Welcome. Whose land is a web-based app that uses GIS technology to assist users in identifying Indigenous Nations, territories and Indigenous communities across Canada .

Experience diverse Indigenous cultures in Ontario through journeys of artistic expression, culinary customs and unique events (indigenousexperienceontario.ca .

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