Hands-on Natural Skincare Workshop

Temiskaming Shores

Price: $75

Experience Hosted by Shari Miller

1-2 hours • Hosted in English

Hands-on Natural Skincare Workshop - Haileybury Ontario

What We’ll Do

*Currently booking private experiences only; contact host via AirBnB or email to book ([email protected])**

Join me at my cozy urban skincare + wellness clinic in downtown Haileybury, ON. Together we will learn about Holistic Skincare using natural, sustainable, raw ingredients found in nature for a healthier YOU + a healthier PLANET. You will learn how to support your skin’s unique needs with simple, clean ingredients + self-care practices in a hands-on interactive workshop that will have your skin + spirit glowing.
You will experience a raw honey exfoliating technique that lifts away dead cells, nourishes + revitalizes your skin.
Then, with your newfound knowledge + my expert guidance, you will create your own 15ml Custom Face Serum from organic plant oils + herbs that you will be able to take home to use in your daily skincare rituals. With our freshly made custom serums applied, I will guide the group through grounding breath exercises, a facial accupressure point routine, and a simple but highly effective face massage that you can practice whenever + wherever you want. We will enjoy herbal tea /beverages + snacks made from fresh, locally harvested ingredients that support our health + skin from the inside out! Be prepared to learn, connect, relax, have fun, + have natural skin products applied to your face.

*this workshop is also available to bring to YOU in your home/location of choice.

Experience Setting

We gather at my cozy urban wellness clinic to share + connect right in the heart of downtown Haileybury. Exposed brick, wooden beams + Edison lights create a grounding urban vibe. The Clinic is close to the Haileybury Beach + marina, many local motels and B n Bs, our local craft brewery is right next door, cool shops + restaurants, the LCBO and the famous Grant House. *also available to bring the workshop to you at the location of your choosing!

What to Bring

refillable water bottle
comfortable shoes + clothing
a clean face-no makeup please!
face mask

What’s Included

You'll be provided with all the ingredients + supplies necessary to create your own Custom Skin Serum that you will take home with you to use in your skincare routine. -organic plant-based oils
-organic plant blended oils
-assortment of essential oils
-30ml glass bottle + dropper
-samples of natural skincare to use at home
-discount code for Province Apothecary organic skincare products
-education package
Healthy snacks made with local, organic ingredients. Provisions will vary with seasons and dietary needs will be considered. ie) gluten, dairy, nut free will be available. Herbal teas + fruit infused waters will be provided and made with ingredients found onsite. * please notify host of any allergies (environmental, ingredients etc...) or food sensitivities before the event so safe accommodations can be made.

Additional Requirements

age limit is 16+ special needs/accomodations must be discussed with host before the experience to ensure they can be made. allergies to plants, herbs, skincare ingredients must be communicated before in order for us to ensure this experience is for you or not. private groups can be booked for a special price.

Other Details


1-2 hours


Age 19+

Skill Level


Activity Level


Maximum Number of Guests


Hands-on Natural Skincare Workshop

J9M3+V7 Harley, ON, Canada


"I thought I knew my skincare stuff but Shari taught me so much more about the features + benefits of natural ingredients, how to use them and I walked away feeling empowered to care for my own skin in a natural way. Shar’s approach was welcoming, inclusive + friendly. Everyone’s voice was heard and we all felt comfortable and had fun! Shari sure knows her stuff about skincare and holistic wellness and delivers it in a way that is easy to digest. The mask experience was amazing and the results on my skin were incredible! I’m excited to use my new serum in my daily regime."
"It was all great. A few of my personal highlights were: my first experience of an off the grid location was amazing. Shari telling her personal story from a young age of how/why she became interested in skin care, including all her knowledge about healing from the inside out. That her workshop was interactive..including herself. As a 70 year old woman who rarely has had a skincare regimen I now have the know how and all the products I need to be kind to myself by taking care of my skin."
"What an amazing afternoon; I walked away with so much knowledge, amazing skin and my own personal serum. Thank you Shari Miller"

Meet your host, Shari Miller

Having struggled with my own skin + health from a young age, I began my Healing Journey over 25 years ago. I tried everything possible to heal my skin but it wasn't until I connected to ALL parts of me-mind, body + soul- that my skin truly healed, and that included switching from traditional personal care products to natural, clean + green ones. My passion for skincare + wellness turned into a fulfilling career as a Professional Holistic Skin Therapist, where I've helped thousands of clients to find balance + healing themselves. I've practiced hands-on for almost 15 years, constantly upgrading my knowledge + skills to offer clients the most rounded tools for healthy glowing skin, always using natural, plant medicine as ingredients.I'm a certified Health + Life Coach and Yin Yoga instructor, 2 modalities I bring into my work with clients. I've been a trainer, treatment developer + production assistant over the course of my career + am passionate about sharing what I know with others. I believe our bodies know how to find balance if we give them the right support. I have always believed in a holistic + natural approach to wellness, including sustainable lifestyle practices to help heal Mama Earth too. Northern Ontario's abundance of healing plants + herbs provides raw, natural ingredients, not just for skin health, but for whole being wellness, often right in one's back yard!