Virtually Walk the 2.6 Billion Year Old Canadian Shield Rocks

Kirkland Lake

Experience Hosted by Ivy Guevarra

1-2 hours • Hosted in English

Virtually Walk the 2.6 Billion Year Old Canadian Shield Rocks - Ivy Guevarra

What We’ll Do

Have you ever wondered why rocks are green or pink or gray or how pebbles are cemented in the rocks? Or the significance of these rocks? Or wondered how rocks determine the course of a community? On this 1:00 hours online walk around the beautiful Kinross Pond in Kirkland Lake Ontario, you will find answers to these questions and know more about the secrets of these 2.6 Billion years old rocks. We will talk about why these Canadian Shield rocks are incredibly special and examine some unique details in the features of each rocks. You can touch and examine each one of them and learn from the context of the story.

Before we begin our online walk, we will draw a rock and exchange our experiences/interest on rocks in the front Kinross Pond across the Museum. Along the course of the presentation way we will discuss how these rocks shape our community and in the region. Just like many of stories, we will finish it on a positive note: a good ending. We will gather for a few minutes, improve the rock that we drew: add some details from the experience you just had and share our experiences and your insights of the walk.

Other Details


1-2 hours


All ages welcome

Maximum Number of Guests


Meet your host, Ivy Guevarra

Hello everyone! I am Ivy Guevarra! I was an internationally practicing geothermal geologist until 2019, when we moved to Kirkland Lake Ontario from the Philippines. Since then, I’ve been staying home to take care of my family, especially our boys, ages 5 and 3. Coming from a place where rocks are “very young”, I was in awe to see and know that my new hometown sits in on of the oldest rocks in the world: the Canadian Shield. I was so excited, I wanted to share this experience with my friends. Despite my excitement, it seems that rocks remain uninteresting to them because the information about these rocks are mostly presented in a technical way. Inspired by some elements of my profession and motherhood, I realized that I could combine my passion for rocks and storytelling to create a new experience that can make people appreciate rocks more. I hope to give a compelling story, a kind that will connect the mind and the heart audience. I hope to give a compelling story so that the next time they will see a rock, they will give these least known elements of nature, a second look with a smile.