Tipi Protocols and Teachings

Temiskaming Shores

Price: $65

Experience Hosted by Lynne Cormier

1-2 hours • Hosted in English

Tipi Protocols and Teachings - Temiskaming Shores Ontario

What We’ll Do

PRIVATE BOOKINGS ONLY. CONTACT HOST THROUGH AIRBNB TO INQUIRE. Come see and experience a traditional Teepee in real life. Throughout the experience Teepee Teachings and Protocols will be shared. Things such as, how every pole in the Teepee has a teaching of its own, the meaning and teachings behind the four directions, Sacred Fire teachings, and more. This will be a safe place to ask questions and have open discussions together while sharing a traditional tea and snack.

Experience Setting

This experience will be held in a little northern town along highway 11 called Latchford, the Teepee is currently set up in our backyard and is used on a daily basis.

What to Bring

Bug repellant (optional)

Environmental Features

Accessible bathroom, Mainly flat or levelled ground, No stairs or steps

Other Details


1-2 hours


All ages welcome

Skill Level


Activity Level


Maximum Number of Guests



"A few weeks ago, I was able to participate in Lynne's Tipi Protocols and Teachings experience. While I have always had an interest in learning about the indigenous culture of my area, now more than ever I am striving to educate myself to be a better ally, and Lynne has been a phenomenal teacher. Upon arriving at her property, we sat in a circle and performed a smudge, and introduced ourselves. I was lucky enough to be participating in a group of women, and the powerful feminine energy I felt was inspiring. Lynne explained how tipis are made, how she constructed hers, and the significance of every part, from the number of poles, to the ties located right at the top. We then entered the tipi, from the correct direction (which I learned is dependent on which first Nations tipis and ceremonies you are attending) and began to sing. Lynne led us through various songs while she drummed. I felt a little intimidated about this before we started, but quickly lost the feeling as each woman participated fully and without hesitation. It was truly impactful. Once we finished up our experience, I left with a sense of calmness and a connection to the other ladies and to turtle Island, that I hadn't experienced before. I would recommend to anyone looking to learn and understand indigenous culture and tradition better, or who wants to form a deeper connection with the earth to sign up for Lynne's experience."
"Beautiful experience. Lynne was very welcoming and open to any questions we had."
"Celebrating, honouring and feeling a deep sense of appreciation for the loving, powerful, beautiful women in our community. Thank you Lynne Cormier for the invitation to gather in ceremony, to share from the heart, receive tipi protocols and First Nation teachings. I love how you offered this experience with humour, respect, humility and joy. Every cell of my body tingles with joy as we unite in peace, love, respect and honour for each other, Mother Earth and all life. It is a true blessing to come together in a sacred space, learn the ancient ways of living in harmony and co-creation that are becoming even more relevant during these times. As we choose to see divinity, beauty and value in ourselves and each other we shine with the light of our soul in truth, prosperity, joy, strength and grace. Through unconditional compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation we support one another and heal our own heart, as well as, generation past, present and future. We begin anew, standing in solidarity, sovereignty and divine love with our heart and minds open to create heaven on earth with our sisters and brothers. Infinite love, gratitude & blessing beautiful souls."
- Terri Ann Radiance

Meet your host, Lynne Cormier

Aanii, Hello, Biindegen, Welcome! My name is Lynne Cormier. I am a proud Two-Spirited Anishnawbe Kwe from Matachewan First Nation. My prior education consists of being a Social Service Work graduate with a BA in Sociology. I have been practicing and re-learning Indigenous Culture and history since my early teens and I’ve learned and valued that we all have something to offer one another, a gift, and that essentially becomes our responsibility here on ShkagamikKwe (Mother Earth). As a person who is constantly striving to be healthy and balanced in all four aspects(spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally), I attempt to walk life in the best way that I can while helping others along the way; being that role model or support for others who need it. I am passionate about growth and change within communities, starting from the individual, into families and affecting communities as a whole. With a strong shift in the world, I hope for a better future for the next seven generations and on, healing, learning, and sharing the teachings I have learned and practice as a lifestyle.