The Art Of Nature Photography

Kirkland Lake

Price: $150

Experience Hosted by Alex Boudreault

3-4 hours • Hosted in English

The Art of Nature Photography Kirkland Lake Ontario

What We’ll Do

Participating during the in-person experience throughout the Winter months into spring, you will be taken into nature and its elements to document nature, wildlife and landscapes. Winter weather can range from (0 ̊c to -50 ̊c) in Northern Ontario, it is important to dress properly and pack your important belongings and gear according to the time, weather and location. Please note that winter experiences will run during the rain, snow or sunny days, but will be altered or cancelled in the event of extreme weather warnings. The adventures of winter and spring are approaching and I am excited to guide you through them. The winter/spring experiences will include snowshoe walks, birdwatching, wildlife tracking, wildlife encounters, landscape photography and more. I will go through an equipment checklist of what I use to document nature at its best. I will also give camera information such as camera lenses, settings and lighting techniques that apply in different situations.
I will be making sure you are prepared for a walk or excursions, as well as show you what I always bring with me in my camera bag. This experience will be offered as an over-night stay on a campsite on private property, the experience will be hosted withing the Boreal Forest within the old-growth forest and the abundance of nature’s surroundings.

What to Bring

During the cold months it is important to be prepared for the extreme conditions of nature. I have created this checklist for you as an example. Here is a list of what I personally use during the frigid winter months of (Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar, April, May,) in Northern Ontario. As someone who will be spending time outdoors, dependable clothing is a must to keep you warm. In my opinion, a couple sets of warm water-proof/water-resistant clothing is extremely important. When it comes to working in snow, cold, damp, or in rainy weather, having these items has helped me to stay warm, dry and comfortable. This has allowed me to achieve more successful pictures avoiding the distraction and struggle of trying to stay warm. Your limbs (Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands and Head) are the most important to keep warm.
Some examples are as follows:

● Gloves
You can bring Mitts or Gloves. I prefer gloves, because they allow more mobility with your fingers and faster reactions.
● Warm/breathable Underwear
Wearing long underwear/lining underneath your main clothing helps keep you warm and dry.
● Jacket
I suggest using a waterproof/resistant jacket meant for 0°C to -50°C, preferably in a material that is not noisy, to avoid distracting sounds or alerting wildlife.
● Pants
I suggest similar materials to what you would use for your jacket, waterproof/resistant pants meant for (0 ̊c to -50 ̊c), preferably material that is not noisy to avoid distracting sounds or alerting wildlife.
● Toque
When I am out in nature a toque is the one piece of clothing I wear the most, as it protects the part of the body that loses its heat the fastest in the cold. It is important to keep your head warm.

● Hiking Boots
Good for walking longer distances with ankle support and tread, if you are wearing these try and have a waterproof/resistant boot meant for (0 ̊c to -60 ̊c) to avoid wet feet.
● Rubber Boots
I use a rubber boot for most of my walks and experiences. If wearing a rubber boot for your experience, it is important to have a comfortable pair that have good quality
soles and support. Most times people buy rubber boots just for the waterproof aspect of it and not for the comfort. It is important to have both. Look for cold resistant meant for (0 ̊c to -50 ̊c).

Alex's Equipment:
Action Camera Waterproof
● (GoPro 7 BLK) Camera
● (Nikon D850)
● X2 Batteries
● Nikkor 200-500mm (ƒ5.6)
● Nikkor 85mm (ƒ1.8)
● Nikkor 50mm (ƒ1.8) Tripod
● Manfrotto Telescopic Tripod

● Head Lamp
● Water Filter
● Compass
● Lighter + Matches
● Knife
● Batteries
● First Aid Kit (bandages, scissors, alcohol, etc)

What’s Included

Chaga Tea will be a culinary element during your experience.

Additional Requirements

Bring your Camera equipment

Other Details


3-4 hours


Age 12+

Skill Level


Activity Level


Maximum Number of Guests


Meet your host, Alex Boudreault

Hi! My name is Alex Boudreault, I am a Wildlife, Nature and landscape Photographer. I was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario CA, I was raised out of town on a beautiful lake surrounded by old growth trees and vegetation of the Boreal Forest and all the wildlife that it holds within it. Living here has helped shape me into who I am. I have a Creative Photography Diploma in which I obtained in Toronto ON, I finished the program in the year 2020. Living in the city for two years was new for me, coming from a small town where you know all your neighbours into a fast paced city with a great diversity of people and a wide range of styles, this opened up my mind and made my photography work change into a different perspective and allowed me to generate better and more creative work. I have a passion for documenting Wildlife, Nature and Landscapes. I love to share my knowledge on (The Art Of Nature Photography) with others. My passion to teach and educate others can be taught in a classroom, but what can be taught outdoors in nature is far more precious and informative because it gives you a hands-on experience that produces this sense of fulfillment and connection to what you are being educated on. Something I love the most about bringing my camera into the woods is the element of surprise. Like a moment during early morning golden hour, where the lighting is perfect with a morning dew dripping off the leaves, they shine like diamonds in sunlight. Or watching for the beautiful and notoriously cunning Red Fox to come out of a patch of tall grass just to have a moment with it. By having your camera It allows you to dissect the bigger picture in the forest, cameras can help you appreciate the smaller things by allowing you to pick apart your favourite scenes from your visual observations. I hope the people who choose my experience can see some similar aspects to these amazing moments and to be able to capture it on camera or freeze them in time with their Art so they may feel this sense of passion for the outdoors as I do.