Sound & Silence: Sound Bath Relaxation

Kirkland Lake

Price: $25

Experience Hosted by Agnieszka Cabon

1-2 hours • Hosted in English

What We’ll Do

Sound is one of the many ways in which we can access the state of relaxation.
I am inviting you to experience relaxation through a variety of sounds and also through comfortable moments of silence. There is no sound without silence and no silence without sound. You will be transported into a different realm. This session will allow you to experience the restorative power of sound vibrations. The silence will help your body and mind to absorb it. You will leave relaxed and restored.
At the beginning of the hour-long session, I will guide you through breathing exercises. During the session we will also use our voices (humming); no singing abilities are required! We all have a voice and can use it to change the energy within us and around us. Voice is an instrument we can access at any time. You will leave encouraged and empowered to use your voice whenever you need to shift the energy within you and around you.
I cannot wait to guide you into the world of calm and relaxation with the help of unique instruments, silence, and our voices. See you on one of those Sunday mornings!

Experience Setting

Kirkland Lake

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, water if required

What’s Included

All instruments

Environmental Features

Disabled parking spot

Other Details


1-2 hours


Age 19+

Skill Level


Activity Level


Maximum Number of Guests


Meet your host, Agnieszka Cabon

My name is Agnieszka Cabon. Most people call me Aga. I am from Szczecin, a city of 400K people in Northwestern Poland. I immigrated to Canada two decades ago and have lived in different cities and towns in Southern Ontario. Coming to Kirkland Lake was quite an adjustment for me. I have never lived so far from the big cities and never so far north. The longer I live here, the fonder I become of this part of the world. I have lived in Kirkland Lake for over five years now. It was not easy at first. It was not love at first sight! The people I met here helped me see the beauty of this town and this region. I received a warm welcome from the long-term residents and from the newcomers who made it their home here before me. Now, I try to play my part in making this town and the region more welcoming to others. I had no idea that Kirkland Lake would be such a vibrant community with so many interesting people. Kirkland Lake Multicultural Group, with its members from over 25 nations has been instrumental in my feeling at home here. I love learning about different cultures through people. Every encounter with a person from another country and from a different culture is such a learning experience; I embrace it wholeheartedly. Kirkland Lake seems so unique in this aspect. My passion is wellness. The two experiences I am offering represent my deep desire for a healthy community through healthy individuals. I am a certified Nordic Walking instructor, as well as a certified Sound Practitioner/Therapist. My wish is to assist others with finding balance and harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.