Become a Passion Scout

Do you see talent in the people around you?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Do you want a chance to win amazing prizes?

Then you have come to the right place - we need your help! Talented people often lack the confidence and self-assurance to recognize their gifts:

The musician who can play any song around a campfire thinks that everyone can entertain others.

The artist who can capture the beauty of our lakes and forests on a canvas thinks that everyone has the ability to make the scenery come alive.

The forager who can identify the abundance of our forests thinks that everyone can venture into the forest and do this.

Become a passion scout and help make Northern Ontario an incredible place to live while highlighting our region’s natural beauty and diversity. Talk to your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbours who have amazing talents that could be shared with visitors and other community members.

Creating a tourism Experience is a way for passionate people to earn some money and help make a difference in their community. Encourage them to watch the video below, which provides more information on how the program can help them:

If you watched the video and want to learn more:
click here to sign up for a virtual Q&A session.

The 101 Experiences team has spent countless hours creating and testing our process to help develop experiences in Northeastern Ontario. That being said, we know we can’t reach our objectives without your help.

This is why we want to thank you for your help by giving you a chance to win these awesome experiences. For each person you recruit who becomes an Experience host, you will get a chance to win one of our monthly prizes. The more people you refer, the more chances you have to win!

JUNE 2021: Win a 3-night holiday for a group of 20 people!

This holiday on a private island will include three of the following amazing experiences:

  • Cook bannock with an Indigenous person
  • Plein air painting out at Devil’s Rock
  • Yoga lesson on the platform overlooking the lake
  • Discover the sky with an astronomy experience
  • Facial massage in the woods with organic materials
  • Live a sound experience in the enchanted forest