Myths & Misconceptions of Indigenous People

Temiskaming Shores

Price: $25

Experience Hosted by Lynne Cormier

1-2 hours • Hosted in English / French

What We’ll Do

Join Lynne to learn about the exact history of Indigenous peoples while debunking myths that are commonly associated with and believed to be true. This experience will allow you to discover the mythical falsehoods by explaining to you the reasons behind its incorrect beliefs. Here’s an example: Surely you’ve all heard that indigenous people don’t pay taxes, right? Join the experience to uncover the truth behind this common myth, and many more. All participants will have the opportunity to discuss, exchange and ask questions as we demystify myths related to Indigenous people.

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1-2 hours


Age 12+

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"I loved listening to Lynne and learning in a safe space. I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and have a back and forth conversation. I also liked having the other points of views from the other participants. For the first time, I was listening to another Indigenous women speak of the many misconceptions I have been exposed to and continue to be exposed to. I really enjoyed the entire thing!"
"It was a great starting point for learning, I would definitely tae more.longer experiences from Lynne. I loved the session and for being dark topics, it was kept light making it easier to digest. I would not change anything and would most certainly take another experience from Lynne to continue to learn and keep the conversation going."
"Thank you for the very informative session! I will watch for the next ones, as I would like to my teenage kids involved and listening <3. Misconceptions and myts are the misunderstanding of those who assume they know something. Listening to Lynne speak opened my eyes wide open on how the world interprets our culture and how was can play a role in how our traditional cultural teachings are interpreted in society. Lynne is such a great teacher. Her knowledge on culture and tradition is to be highly respected. I am so grateful for her teachings and cannot wait to learn more."

Meet your host, Lynne Cormier

Aanii, Hello, Biindegen, Welcome! My name is Lynne Cormier and I am proud to be a Two-Spirit Anishnawbe Kwe woman from the Matachewan community. I have a certificate in Social Work Service and a specialization in Sociology (BA). I have been practicing and learning about my culture and native history since I was a teenager. I understand now that we all have something to offer each other, a gift, and that essentially becomes our responsibility here on ShkagamikKwe (Mother Earth). As someone who constantly strives to be healthy and balanced in all four aspects (spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally), I try to live life in the best way possible while helping others in the process. road; be that role model or that support for others who need it. I am passionate about growing and changing within communities, starting with the individual, in families and impacting communities as a whole. With the continual change in the world, I hope and believe in a better future for the next seven generations and so on; healing, learning and sharing the teachings I have learned and practice as a lifestyle is my passion.