Witch Balls & Brewing | Women in Brewing

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Abby Cook
North Bay, ON
Language : English
a witch in a forest
witches holding a candle
What We'll Do

Did you know that the first people to brew beer were women? Did you know that the image we have in modern pop culture of the witch- the hat, the broom, the cat, etc. - were all the traits of the brewer first? A lot has changed in the world of brewing since ancient civilization’s women did the brewing.

Join Baby Witch Abby, as she explores the history of women in brewing from the comfort of your home - with your local craft beer in hand! Abby will move from the witch to the witch ball, as she guides you through making a protective - and decorative - spell jar for your home! Before Abby leaves you, finish your experience with an oracle card reading, to get some insight into a question of your choice.

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What to Bring
Glass Jar
Candle (White is always good, or use a significant color)
String/twine (can correspond with a color)
Salt (any type; The more course; the better)
Tasty Craft Beer from your local brewery

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