The Trapper: The Eyes of the Forest

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Ovila Sylvain
Kapuskasing, ON
Languages : English, French
What We'll Do

This experience with Ovila will allow you to discover the animals of the boreal forest of Northeastern Ontario, while exploring the life of a modern trapper. You will learn what it takes to become a trapper in Ontario and how to meet standards and quotas to continue to have the privilege of a trapline. The 10 main animals trapped in the Northeast will be introduced to you and you will be able to understand the cycle of each one, their habitats and who their predators are. Ovila will explain the importance of quotas and the role of trappers in maintaining forest ecosystems and preventing flooding of farms, roads and railroads. The different stages to be trapped such as preparing the tracks, placing baits, setting traps, catching the animals, preparing the fur for the North Bay Fur Harvesters auction will be explained to you. At the end of the online experience, you will have the chance to find out what you are going to discover when you go on a face-to-face experience with this seasoned trapper.

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