Teachings of the Dream Catcher

In PersonIn person experience hosted by Brenda Brooks
North Bay, ON
Language : English
Teachings of the Dream Catcher
Building the dreamcatcherTeachings of the Dream CatcherTeachings of the Dream CatcherTeachings of the Dream CatcherTeachings of the Dream Catcher
What We'll Do

Join Brenda in her beautiful, cozy home and learn the teachings of the dreamcatcher. As you enter Brenda's house, she will show you her collection of Indigenous arts and crafts, as well as her dream catcher collection to give you inspiration for your own catcher. You'll gather around Brenda's dining room table and learn the stories and teachings of the dreamcatcher, before Brenda teaches you how to weave your own. Half way through the process, you will get a chance to have a break, have a drink and a snack and share your creative ideas and learn more about Indigenous culture. Once everyone has finished their dreamcatcher, Brenda will smudge your dreamcatchers to bless them, while explaining the significance behind this ritual. This experience is informative and unforgettable! When you leave Brenda's house, you will leave with your dreamcatcher and much more to think about.

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Location : North Bay, ON
Located centrally in North Bay, Brenda's home is clean, cozy and full of Indigenous arts and crafts that she has collected, but also made herself. On sunny days, this experience may take place in her gorgeous backyard with lush gardens, or may be inside around her dining room table. Brenda's home has an accessible backyard, and a small set of three stairs to get into the house. All activities will take place on the main floor of the house.

What's Included
Light snacks and juice or water (please contact me if you have any dietary restrictions).

Other Details
Maximum number of guests