Sound & Silence: Relaxation through Sound

Virtual Experience hosted by Aga Cabon
Kirkland Lake
Language : English
aga playing an instrumant
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Relaxation is needed in these difficult times, but it is not easy to achieve. Sound is one of the many ways in which we can access the state of instant relaxation. Aga, your certified Sound Therapist, invites you to this virtual presentation on relaxing through sound.

During your experience, you will explore the relaxing and healing aspects of sound and silence. Aga will guide you through some basic information on sound healing, and do some breathing exercises to help you experience the restorative power of sound vibrations. You will be using your voices, but don’t worry, no singing abilities are required! We all have a voice and can use it to change the energy within us and around us; Aga will show you how. Please, find a comfortable, quiet place in your home. Wear headphones if needed. Put everything aside and give yourself this gift of discovering relaxation through sound.

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Maximum number of participants : 10