Secrets of the 2.6 Billion Years Old Rocks: A Storytelling Walk at Kinross Pond

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Ivy Guevarra
Kirkland Lake, ON
Language : English
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What We'll Do

Have you ever wondered why some rocks are green or pink or gray? Or why there are rocks within rocks? Or asked what living things were present during their formation? On this 45 min online walk around the beautiful Kinross Pond, you will find answers to these questions and know more about the secrets of these 2.6 Billion years old rocks. We will talk about why they are considered incredibly special and examine some unique details in the features of each rock. We will also explore how they come about. The walk will be a balance of technical information and creativity in order to hold your focus and engagement to the topic.Before we begin our walk, I will ask you to draw a rock. There is no book or brochure for this experience. Our walk will be your book and the pages will be your experiences at each rock sample and outcrop that we will see and discuss. As we stop, we will examine each one of them and learn from the context of the story. Finally, just like many of the children’s books, we will finish it on a positive note: happy experience. We will gather for a few minutes, draw a rock for the second time and share our experiences and your insights after the walk.

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