Living Life with IKE Yoga

Virtual Experience hosted by Nadine Weston
Temiskaming Shores
Language : English
people on rocks
Welcome to Living Life with Ike Yoga! Nadine will guide you through a gentle flow practice, connecting your breath to your body, allowing you to relax and tune-out the outside world.

Nadine starts with a grounding experience and a short meditation to settle the mind and the breath before moving into the mobility part of the practice. She provides Asanas (poses) with variations and occasionally suggests home props to enhance your practice.

The session ends by slowing your breath and connecting your body to the earth in a pose called Savasana. Nadine then gently wakes you with three rings of her chimes and a gentle stretch, ending in a seating position where the practice ends with three beautiful breaths and one chant of OM. Can't wait to see you on your mat!

Maximum number of participants : 10
Items Needed
Chair: the chair will be used for stability as well as for postures
Strap: this can be a housecoat tie with a loop for your foot
Mat of your choice
Pillow: used for support
Block / book: used for support and stability