Learn how to make Australian scones

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Anna McPherson
Kirkland Lake, ON
Language : English
Ingredients required to make Australian SconesScones fresh out of the oven
What We'll Do

Join Anna as she walks you through the steps of baking an Australian scone! Before the baking begins, Anna will dive into the history of the scone, and how it evolved around the world. There are various different types of scones with different consistencies, and Anna’s going to distinguish some of those for you! While you bake, Anna will explain why the scone is such a staple during Australian tea time and why you can find it at almost any Outback bakery!

At the end of your experience, enjoy your finished product while Anna tells you more about tea time traditions in Australia, and learns more about you!

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What to Bring
Please have the following items on hand:

Plain flour plus extra for dusting
Baking powder
35%whipping cream
A can of sprite or seven up
Whipped cream and jam (to serve)
Large bowl
Baking sheet and parchment paper
Glass for cutting out scones
A hot oven; preheat 450F

Other Details
Maximum number of guests