Holistic Painting En Plein Air

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Robert Ritchie
Language : English
robert on the beach
robert on the beachrobert on the beach
What We'll Do

Immerse yourself in art and nature with this virtual painting class. Join Robert as he takes you through Chi Gong exercises to become one with nature while you set up your tripods. Robert will then walk you through creating the layout of your painting by using notations and grey scale on paper with pencil to organize a harmonious composition. You will then begging applying paint to canvas, as Robert shows you how to do blocking with one color of the lights and darks of the large masses of objects, and discusses how the Group of Seven did it in their artwork. Robert will discuss color choices such as mother color, how to go from large color mass to smaller and smaller, and continue his discussion of how the Group of Seven was influenced in the early years of the French impressionist like Claude Monet and Pressillio. Your experience will conclude with ‘how to put it all together’ and packing up while also finishing his discussion on how in the later years the Group of Seven separated themselves from the influences of others outside Canada to make true Canadian art.

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What to Bring
You will need:
- Pencil and paper
- Your favourite medium (oil, acrylic, or watercolour)
- Three brushes: large, medium, and fine
- 8x10 inch canvas or paper
- Paper towels
- Plastic bag
- Palette knife or equivalent
- Mineral spirits
- Easel or something to prop up your canvas/paper

Other Details
Maximum number of guests