Haileybury Great Fire Virtual Tour

Virtual Experience hosted by Nicole Guertin
Temiskaming Shores
Languages : English, French
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Join Nicole as she takes you through the events of the Great Haileybury Fire. Your experience will begin with Nicole leading a discussion in everyone’s experiences with fire. From here, Nicole will explain life in Hailebury before the fire, and why it was considered the ‘Posh City’ of Northern Ontario. Nicole will bring the 2.4 km tour to life with a series of photos that allow you to discover historical areas such as Lake Temiscaming, Saint Croixe Cathedral, the Courthouse and Millionaire’s Alley in their glory before the fire, and the consequences and devastating aftermath the fire had on the area. Finally, Nicole will discuss how the communities from not only Northern Ontario, but all over Canada came to the air of the fire victims and helped to rebuild the city. Your experience will end with a short presentation on local brewery WhiskeyJack and fruit beverage company Guizou, which are offered during the in-person experience
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Maximum number of participants : 10