Haileybury Great Fire Guided Walk

In PersonIn person experience hosted by Nicole Guertin
Temiskaming Shores, ON
Languages : English, French
Walking Tour
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What We'll Do

The tour will start in our co-working center called Co-worx. When the group arrives, we will take the time to get to know each other. Thereafter, I will present the history of the region by projecting vintage photos on a large screen. This building, rebuilt after the fire, has been renovated to keep the old features of the building. The group will have the chance to meet and we will present the story of the Haileybury Great Fire where more than 6,000 people in the region lost their homes on October 4, 1922. The vintage photos projecteur on the big screen will make you realize the scale of the fire and the reason it was one of Canada's 10 biggest disasters. You will understand the challenge of the people of the time to rebuild a city destroyed 90% just when the silver rush was ending.

On foot, over a distance of just over 2.0 km, we will discover the history of some twenty places that were affected by the Great Fire.

During the visit, I will tell you anecdotes of people who spent more than 5 hours in the cold waters of the lake while they watched their city burn. I will also share how a new generation of entrepreneurs are giving a new life to this small community in Northern Ontario by using the history, the art and the beauty of the lake.

We will end the tour by tasting craft beers from Whiskeyjack micro-brewery.

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Location : Temiskaming Shores, ON
The tour will start at the Co-worx building with a presentation of photos before the fire. Then we will go to the fire sculpture, the Sainte-Croix cathedral, the convent, the military barracks, the CC Farr sculpture, the fire station, the courthouse and the millionaires' row, where you will understand the impact of this devastating fire. We will finish at Co-worx with a tasking of Whiskeyjack beers. We will also show the photos of Haileybury right after the fire.

What's Included
After the walk, guests will have the opportunity to try 3 different craft beers prepared by the Whiskeyjack local microbrewery. Coffee / tea will be available for those who don’t drink beer.

Environmental Features
Accessible bathroom

Other Details
Length of Experience
3-4 hours
Age 12+
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