Grail Gardening: Relying on Our Plant Heroes to Help Us Recover

Virtual Experience hosted by Geraldine Deenik
Temiskaming Shores
Language : English
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Learn how to become more agriculturally self-sufficient with this Grail Garden virtual experience! Grails, guilds or Eden gardens are a form of permaculture that mimic natural growth patterns of plants, providing the ability to grow a higher abundance of non chemically produced food, with a smaller footprint.This form of sustainable and permanent agriculture offers you a way to reduce your carbon impact and incorporate biodynamic food practices in a closed loop system. During your experience, you will gain an understanding of holistic farming and management practices that make grail gardening possible, and how to grow a grail garden in a small space, such as your deck or your backyard! By the end of the experience you will have cultivated the knowledge to become more food independent while you help our planet!
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Maximum number of participants : 10
Experience Setting
Newleaf Natural Health Centre