Ghosts of The LaSalle Theatre

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Michael Rawley
Temiskaming Shores, ON
Language : English
Michael with a light
stage with stuff on it
What We'll Do

All theatres have a ghost. Or, at least, they should. Well, The LaSalle Theatre is blessed. We have 6 – 8 ghosts and spirits (there is a difference) in the theatre. Come with me – Michael Rawley – raconteur and Managing Artistic Director of the theatre – on this entertaining and informative tour of our theatre and it’s otherworldly residents.

In this online 40 minute experience, you will be taken on an interactive tour of the building and it’s residents. You will hear their stories and how we found out they were in residence. You will be asked about your personal experiences with the other world. Your belief or lack thereof will be affirmed, changed perhaps – tested even. Maybe you will find out that you have ‘the gift’ and can sense their presence. Full disclosure: I, Michael Rawley, can’t – to my constant chagrin.

This tour is fully approved by our residents. I know because, through a medium, I asked their permission and was granted it. See you at the theatre.

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