Food Self-Sufficiency: a lifestyle to discover

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Lynn Glazer
Languages : English, French
lynn with jars
lynn with chickens
What We'll Do

Join Lynn and Reese the rooster as they dive into the world of self-sustainability farming. Your experience will start with an introduction to the animals on the farm and their functionality and importance in Lynn's self-sufficient journey. From here, Lynn will introduce you to the farm, and what it takes to run a farm and be food self-sufficient, and move into a tour of the process of preparing a sustainable food garden, from planting to harvesting. The tour will then proceed to the greenhouse and how it plays an important role on the farm. Your farm tour will end in the cold room, where various methods of preservation and conservation will be discussed, from canning to dehydration. Your experience will conclude with Lynn sharing other methods of self-sufficiency she uses such as foraging, and she will share her advice and tips on becoming more food self-sufficient, even if you just have a balcony or a small backyard. This experience will leave you feeling educated and more confident in moving towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle!

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This experience is broadcasted from Lynn's farm.

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