Destress with Forest Therapy

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Aimee Lavoie
Timmins, ON
Language : English
aimee in a forest
a forest
What We'll Do

If you’re seeking a reprieve from the stress and busyness of your everyday lives, and long for a deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with the natural world, join Aimee for a virtual Forest Therapy experience. It is the perfect opportunity to slow down, get out of your head and into your senses. Find yourself a safe, comfortable place in the outdoors such as on a local trail, in your yard, on your balcony, or any nearby greenspace, and Aimee will use audio cues to enhance your sensory connection to the natural world around you.. You will not be required to have access to a screen, but you may participate with your video if you wish. Simply being able to listen to the guided invitations will be all you need to participate. This is a perfect way to sample forest bathing (a.k.a. forest therapy). If you prefer to participate from indoors, you may join by observing nature through a window, or by sitting with objects that represent nature to you (houseplant, rock, shell, fruit, wooden item, etc). Aimee looks forward to guiding and supporting your connection experience with nature!

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What to Bring
You will need:
A fully charged device with internet connection (laptop, tablet, cell phone)
Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing and footwear
Water and/or your favourite tea or beverage

You may also want:
A snack
Something to sit on

Other Details
Maximum number of guests