All-bodies Yoga: A virtual class on listening to and honouring your body

OnlineVirtual experience hosted by Kayla Simbirski
Kirkland Lake, ON
Language : English
kayla doing yoga
kayla doing yoga
What We'll Do

Find your inner focus and a deeper understanding of how you can expand yourself from the comfort of your own home, with this virtual yoga experience. Using everyday items such as pillows and blankets to modify your practice, Kayla helps beginner yogis discover that yoga does not need to be intimidating or involve difficult poses to be effective. Start your experience with some breathing and stretching exercises. As Kayla guides you through the session, she will encourage you to express how you feel throughout to ensure you are comfortably moving forward without pain or harming your body. Different bodies need different attention, which will be discussed throughout to help you understand how to safely modify your experience. To round off the session, you will be guided through some relaxation and meditation to help achieve an inner peace and deeper awareness of your physical and mental self. By the end of this session, Kayla will have you feeling confident that you can truly become a practicing yogi in a safe and mindful way that protects and aids your body.

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What to Bring
You will need minimal equipment for this practice:

- A yoga mat
- Comfortable clothing
- Pillows or a folded blanket
- Something to act as a strap or rope, such as a robe rope, a long rag or even a shirt

Other Details
Maximum number of guests