Des Isles Homestead Mushroom & Veggie Experiences


Experience Hosted by Jeremy & Gabriella Parson

1-2 hours • Hosted in English

What We’ll Do

Des Isles Homestead
Welcome to our little island in Cochrane Ontario. By yourself, in a group, or out with the family. Enjoy the experience of picking your own Oyster Mushrooms from our forest. See what’s growing in our homestead garden and greenhouses. Take home some fresh produce for dinner and you can even have a chat about growing your own food at home and mushrooms as a “Super food”. Our little family would love to show you a different way to spend your day North of the highway.
*Parking available *Outdoor bathroom

*Pick your own Mushrooms- A Quick Pick! ($30 each person)
Come visit our homestead Mushroom beds and with your *Grab bag, pick until it’s full.
Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus species) are a gilled mushroom variety. They are classified as fungi. Grown naturally outdoors in the forest and within our homestead garden. Of the 40 known types of Oyster mushrooms we are blessed to have 4 strains.
White Oyster – Blue Oyster – King Oyster – Pearl Oyster
All Oyster types are edible, and a great choice for a meat-free meal/diet. Enjoy them in pasta sauce/dishes, stir fries, soups and deep fried.

*Pick your own Vegetables- A.Quick Pick! ($20-$30 each person)
*subjected to what is ready for harvest at the time of your visit. Approx 10-20 lbs worth)
Check out, “Is what really going on?” in the garden. Pick yourself a sweet basket of goodies to take home. Veggies, greens, even edible flowers. Grab some mushrooms and make a real meal!
*Price will depend on product weight.

*Pick and Chat ($45 each person) ($10 kid, 2 or more $5 each)
As you enjoy a stroll around the Mushroom Forest, pick your yummy finds and we will share how mushrooms grow. The cycle of this superfood, it’s benefits to your health and even how you can try growing your own mushrooms at home.
*1hr t

Experience Setting

145 acres of land and forest. Outline by a local Skidoo trail, great for the winter months. Then a wide forest from the trail to our cleared land. In the flat space of the land houses our 3 Greenhouses, used for seed starting and growing mostly heat loving plants. A Tepe structure, the first station of our outdoor Oyster Mushroom and Reishi bed. Join us in our 'No dig' garden that also houses 3 Oyster mushroom beds and 2 patches. Taste a fresh bean or try an edible flower. Grab a basket and Pick your own veggies. Bring the family or a group of friends on an adventure and Pick your own mushrooms in our patches within the forest. Come visit to enjoy the country air at our little island in the North.

Environmental Features

Wide entrances

Other Details


1-2 hours


All ages welcome

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Meet your host, Jeremy & Gabriella Parson

Two islanders in the great Canadian North. Jeremy celebrates 9 generations of Newfoundland heritage. At a young age his grandfather taught him how to care for the land and grow food. His mother always used the yeild in cooking and canning. He understands the value and importance behind growing your own food. His goal is to support the community building gardens and feeding 1 Million people! His partner Gabriella is a city girl born from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Having experience growing food with her family in home gardens. Having chickens for eggs free running. Her great-grandmother always cared for a beautiful flower and medical plants/herbs garden. Moving to Canada with her dad, Gabriella studied Dance as a performing Art and Massage therapy. She hopes to build a Holistic experience that utilizes her joy of growing food and keeping the body moving, and happy inside and out. Together the couple now live in Cochrane Ontario growing their daughter and food forest.